Hidden Text And Links: Pros And Cons – Simple Tips By The Expert Of Semalt, Natalia Khachaturyan

When carrying out SEO, there are some deceptive tactics which can trick a search engine algorithm for ranking. For instance, hidden text and links form a basis for some of the content marketing tricks performing this function. There are many ways to hide text within a web page. Some of these tactics include are offered in this text by the Content Strategist of Semalt, Natalia Khachaturyan:

  • Using a text color similar to the website background color,
  • Locating text in images or video,
  • Setting some font sizes that are too small,
  • Using CSS to position text off-screen,
  • Hiding permalinks, e.g., by placing them on a character.

In these cases, such tactic might involve placing a lot of content in a manner that is not visible to human visitors. Moreover, a link present in a punctuation mark such as a comma often remains hidden or unseen.

Detecting hidden content

Hidden content is often available in numerous ways. In all these ways, the text is available for the machine but not visible to human visitors. A simple ctrl + A function helps to highlight all the content on a website. Some black hat SEO agencies might also use a similar highlight color to the background. In these cases, you should copy and paste the entire web page to another text editor, using the default paste option. This tactic can help unveil all the hidden content within a website page. Links can come in where they appear as permalinks on the entire website.

Reasons for hidden content

People use hidden content for various reasons. The most common idea behind hiding content in a web page is ranking. People hide extra keywords in the hidden content to try and trick the algorithm into ranking your website first. Moreover, keyword stuffing is a black hat SEO tactic which benefits immensely from the use of hidden content. Putting too many keywords on a web page leads to a decline in the content relevance as well as risking a website.

How to make content on your website visible?

Hidden content can lead to the penalization of a website from the Google SERPs. In these cases, hidden content helps people get numerous warnings regarding the deindexation of their website. It I essential to make your content visible. Some of the ways to increase the visibility of your content include:

  • JavaScript: You can place JavaScript in a tag. It is essential to make this content visible to everyone, especially users who do not have JavaScript active in their browsers.
  • Images: Descriptive text can be available in the alt attribute. It is also essential to include a human-readable caption as well as alt text description for every image.
  • Videos: Videos also form content which can be available for indexing. You can transcribe videos or even include descriptive texts on the videos in HTML.


There are many ways to which hidden content can harm your SEO efforts. For instance, some black hat SEO methods might use secret text to conceal their keyword stuffing intentions. In other cases, people can use hidden content and cover many links to different domains. This article can help you detect hidden content on a web page.